Not that long ago I wrote a blog” When life gives you lemons make yourself a lemonade”, about my, at that point future life and expectations form moving to India. Inspired by love for  my journalism profession I moved to a place which could be easily considered as the middle of nowhere, in order to write for peanuts. With dreams in my pocket that it will eventually take me to my dream of being a journalist in the States, since it’s an American magazine. I am officially back and there is no American office they could have sent me to anyway and love for my job and friends in India wasn’t unfortunately enough to pay all the bills. Besides I have also spent all the money I had earned earlier by doing jobs I love less.  Since it was an internet magazine I can also continue writing for them from some other country any way, of course just for loving it. In meanwhile I have spent almost a month discovering Cuba, again just for loving to travel and write about traveling, hoping that stories and films we made there will find a place to be published and bring us back the money which should cover our expenses.


The thing is; we have found several magazines where we will publish some things and have written some articles  already, again we will earn just a little bit more of love. We should actually be really happy that they have allowed us to get their media space, besides we are doing it for love anyway, so what do we expect? Isn’t it enough that we get a chance to promote ourselves? The same scenario  is to be seen too often, why should anyone pay graduated journalists? Everybody can write something, if it’s that good or not is another thing.  And all of my colleges including me were anyway studying and paying money for it  just out of pure love.  It would be great if it was just journalists, it’s  often writers, photographs, designers, artists, singers, djs … the list of people who are trying to make a living out of doing something they love is too long. Seems like we can pay our bills with the love we have for our jobs,. Just from time to time there are some really “good” artists like Justin Bieber for instance that doesn’t need only love.

So I have come to some important conclusions after all of this; many politicians especially Croatian ones are also people who are living on love, so there is no reason to feel bad about them. They are doing some great things like setting jobs for some people or taking money from some other just out of pure love. The solution to all financial problems is the same as it has always been; to be on the list of the people they simply adore. In the same way as I or many not famous creative people should live on love, from tomorrow on I will come to a store and explain to ladies working there that I don’t have to pay. They should be happy that I have chosen their store to buy things. Furthermore they should love their job so much so they don’t even need money from me. And that’s not even close to the end, next time I decide to buy some plane ticket in order to travel and write some stories I will explain to the company as well, that they should be happy and full of love that I have chosen them.

OK, so where has my love taken me? I’m again in the process of finding a job that won’t provide me with that much love, but will bring some cash so I could continue writing in my free time, this time really just out of pure love, for the ones who read what I write. And I will continue with waiting for the day when I will make a living out of doing the things I love most. The only problem is/ just as till now/ that after 10 hours or more spent doing something else you usually don’t feel like doing anything besides having a beer. But would I change my love for some other? Never! Would I repeat the Indian experience again? Always. So don’t forget about that  love which makes you get out of the bed on Monday morning, and if you don’t have it find it immediately. Doesn’t have to be a creative work, it can be children, as long as you have love for something. Maybe living on love option isn’t often possible but living without it turns you into a person you usually don’t like at all. Keep wining that game and I love you  all.