Monday morning, got woken by a call from Grodan, in whose studio I did some radio commercial last summer, saying something like; “Listen I have one commercial for you, how fast can you be in my studio?” It has been some time since I have spent all my savings on traveling and new season of kayaking still hasn’t started, so I couldn’t even imagine better way of waking up. I instantly have a sign for dollar in my eyes, like in cartoons and already thinking about the ways how I am going to spend the money from commercial. While dressing my jeans, I’m yelling as if I’m preparing my voice for studio ” Where’s the car, I have to go to studio to do some commercial?” Without any answer about the car I got the question ; Really? Who set that up for you?” Well that’s interesting, even my own mother doubts  my ways..I answer  with “NO ONE, but thank you! ” I don’t even want to hear her explanation

“I didn’t know, I thought“…I’m already in the car shifting music channels, what is cool cause I can hear cell ringing. Number says that is coffee I was suppose to take with a friend, yeah there’s too many of us, at late twenties highly educated but unemployed, so we have time for coffees on Monday morning. Without saying Hello I just explain “Hey I can’t do it I have to go do to some commercial“.

She; “Wow who set that up for you?”  Me: “Your grandma , I’ll call you when I’m done.” After reading same sentences three hundred times I’m finally done. For my term rich, I’m leaving the studio and first thing I do, I call a friend who  I used to work with on a radio station. “Listen Bojan you would never guess what kind of commercial I just did and for how much money! “After I have explained his words were; “Oh you little slot what did you have to do for that?”   

I love him and I know he is teasing, but he meant the same ; Who set that up for you? Obviously it has been some time in our country since it stopped matter that I have worked on a radio station, that I am an expert in these kinds of things, that I don’t have speech defects, like many who do have someone setting it up for them. Now many of you reading this could say ; No shit Sherlock, you have discovered something new, since this isn’t typical only for media business but for any other industry. But there’s one new problem here, not so long ago bad comments about you having someone setting things up for you, were coming from jealous people who had no idea how much effort and energy was behind your work. Never from people being close to you. But seem like it has become impossible to find a job unless you have someone to set up things for you, no matter how good and qualified are you. If you don’t have someone to set it up for you; nothing! And this has become a normal thing and that’s what worries.

In our country this might be because of the recession we have been going through or the remains of communism system, but almost the same situation is to be found also in more developed countries than ours. It’s just that we idealistically believe that somewhere else things are better;  grass is always green on the other side. But actually the only difference is that these kind of things are being  hidden behind recommendations or things like that, but at the end it all comes to same thing. You have to know someone who’s going to recommend you or make someone think about your qualities and consider you as a possible employee. So at the end you have to have someone to set things up for you. Seems like only receipt for success is to be at the right time in the right place.  The answer to the question why to even try hard then, I wouldn’t know, but to get a chance to be recognized as a person with many qualities you have to develop them, no matter what you do. Or you might just come up with a great idea of your own for some good business after some time. Someone will call you to do commercial eventually, unfortunately you won’t be able to make a living just from doing that, but you got the point. Good energy will come back to you for sure sooner or later, or you always have other option to become bad mouth , who has time to comment other people’s success.

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